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Seriously Strange: Yuushi Daigoken Dragon!!!!! posts

Once upon a time i was gathering info for something and presented various scraps to a girl i was attracted to. She reacted with repulsion and said "you've got too much free time if you're doing this - i can't afford myself to do that - this is ridiculous". It was a major turn off. We never spoke again. She later became an exotic dancer.

Nevertheless, i have too many friends who showcase same kind of attitude. And it is just stupid. I know you all have jobs to do but so do I. And yet I find time to do stuff. And you just shit your pants every time somebody else is wasting leisure big time. Hey, that gal in the glasses - i'm talking to you!

Ok. And now straight to the point.

I have no idea who Yuushi Daigoken is. As far as I know she or he or whatever is a musician, doing some electronic kinda dance-noise stuff and some visual arts too. But what sparkled my interest to her person was seemingly neverending series of posts with the word "DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!". Every day for the last month i kept seeing it. And it was rather irritating. People kept asking her why did she post such things - but there was no reply. But there was a mystery and its by me.

Personally, I don't care why she posts it. It doesn't matter. The whole thing reminds me of really monotone nothing-special works of On Kawara while the tone reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama and Yoko Ono. And because i had 15 minutes to screencap the whole thing - you can see it from the beginning to this day - June 30.

Lo and Behold! There are somewhere around 150 images.

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