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Russell Jaffe's Five Word Story Challenge

So - Russell Jaffe aka editor of TL;DR magazine had posted on his FB-account a challenge to write some five word stories because six word story format is not enough.

Here's my entries:
  1. nightfall. pounding blue hand bulge.
  2. flytrap licker hugs chalk dancing.
  3. horseradish daisies decay. orangutang blushed.
  4. blurt entropy - chops horrors. duck.
  5. fix gloomy blankly. eerie wink.

Trucker Fags Maze!

Bil Sabab Power Hour: Mingus Big Band - Moanin'

Mingus Big Band got some style. Considering that The Main Man was long gone by the time of the recording - it is incredible how precise is delivery. Ronnie Cuber is the leading man on the piece and he delivers one of the most intense sax parts outside of 'Trane.

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Rollins Band - Ghost Rider

You know Henry Rollins. He's a hulky-bulky ultra mega tattoed guy (he's got Einstuerzende Neubauten logo on his arm!! so edgy!) who usually says spectacularly obvious but nevertheless quite rational things with his commanding thunderous voice and really-really dislikes techno music (never forget). He also fronted goddamn Black Flag. And then he had his own outfit aptly called Rollins Band. It was good up until it was substituted by Mother Superior (which was good in its own right but sounded mostly really lame and predictable).

Among other things Rollins Band had a superpower of performing other people's songs better than the real thing. Because why bother doing it if you're not doubling the stakes.

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Rives - Typographical Fairy Tale

Here's one old TED video where the man who calls himself Rives tells rather uninspiring, astoundingly ordinary story (boy meets girls, it's complicated, etc. hush, nah nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah nah-nah) with a little help of these weird symbols known as emoticons.

When I first saw it - i was embarrassed. It was years before i started to write, but even then i thought it was a pitiful waste of form. I've stumbled upon it once again few days ago and was puzzled. It was not bad - just underwhelmingly nothing special.

But it is a good example of wasting potential of the medium. Emoticons weren't used properly in this story. They were just a supplement to the traditional narrative. They were there to illustrate it - not to expand or diversify. There was no intention to explore that narrative in the realm of emoticons and express it using its possibilities.

Here's a thing: emoticons are incredible form of communication. There are so many interpretations for every sign. With its help you can draw emotional kaleidoscopes, frantic rollercoaster rides - you don't need to bend it into something coherent, something embroiled with narrative - you just need to embrace its major advantage - typographic depiction of emotional states and other things (ponytail). It cannot be instantly understood - some emoticons are easier to decipher, other are tougher to break - but that what it makes them so powerful. It is always alien. And the feeling that comes with attempts to understand alienating form of message - is interesting. The whole experience is worth trying because of that - trying to figure out what exactly this thing means.

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: ...И Друг Мой Грузовик - Ганда

The song is titled Ganda and it was performed by the band ...И Друг Мой Грузовик (...and my friend the truck). It is intense nonsensical roundabout with exteme bouts of aggression in the interim. It is boiling with mysterious unease. Its lyrics are one of the best examples of utilizing dada sensibilities in the strict form of a relatively straightforward rock song. It instantly reminds of Hugo Ball's Karawane and Talking Heads' I Zimbra - but it takes the matters further. It boils and ejects heat. It circles around the listener and makes you feel threatened by the unknown hidden in the song.

The video is also quite curious. It tells a story of a two men sitting in a basement - looking at the closed box. The box is tied with ropes and is definitely intimidating. The two are clearly unnerved by its presence. It is fair to say they're very scared, even terrified by it. Then the third man comes in and sits down nearby - also looking at the box. And so they look at the box and they look at each other. They feel a bit lost. Something wicked this way comes. Then the third man snaps and goes straight to the box, cuts the ropes with a knife and opens it. What he sees is so disgusting and horrible to him that he falls away unconscious. The end.

It is fun to listen to that song outside context. Because that way - the mystery doubles and it seems to be even better. But since this text is in english and none of you probably ever heard of this band - here's a quick primer:

...И Друг Мой Грузовик - were one of the more fascinating ukrainian bands of its time. Coming from former Dnipropetrovsk (currently simply Dnipro) - they started out in the 1997 as Я и Друг Мой Грузовик (Me and my friend the truck), released two albums under that name and then their original drummer quit and they dropped "I" from the name and that was it. They went on with different drummers, somewhat upgrading their sound with more distortion and loops, casually slipped into a spin-off outfit once and then in 2012 they broke up because "boredom, etc; probably...but it's OK". There is not much actually to say about the band.

They were an oddballs of ukrainian rock. They combined pretentiously thoughtful lyrics with bouncing pounding sound. Their music neatly whirled into extravagant post-punk niche with elaborate fills of bossa nova and nu metal.

The band had a gimmick - no guitar player because reasons. That was a good idea in theory but in reality it wasn't a big deal. Their bass player was like an octopus - doing all the heavy lifting with a spark but it wasn't all that remarkable. Most of the time it was typical alternative rock with a bit different flavor. The singer was doing something that can be described as "trying to accomplish singing duties" (meh). The drummer was doing the job - obviously obliviously drumming.

Overall, their sound was unusual - but not that much. For the most of the time - it was even comfortable, maybe even too much. It lacked the edge. It was uneven. They were simply enjoying themselves playing out all those things. Which was irritating most of the time because were usually going nowhere for a better half of forever. But they had few fun songs. Such as aforementioned Ganda.

Their other song of notice was extremely catchy manic-depressive anthem "Wheels". It was featured on their first album and it is brilliant dum-dum from start to finish. Over the course of the song the singer was mumbling in all manners "MY COLORFUL WHEELS, WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?" and then in the end it morphed into endless "MY COLORFUL WHEELS ARE TAKING ME HOME". The music around him was jumping, bouncing, rolling, sliding. It is really groovy. Watch this video:

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Mass Estinction Event - Angry Music for Jazz Orchestra

Seven rollercoasting minutes of intense sounds. Complete unmitigated chaos. Now that's what i call music! It rings "Yeah!". The best thing i've heard this month.

If you want to know why you haven't heard this magnificent piece of music yet, then here's a theory - nobody mentioned it anywhere. For sure - it was released on July 11th which is not long ago - but a simple google search shows approximately nothing. No outside mentions. As if no one cared to give it proper exposure. Disgusting! It is not fair.

How I happened to hear it? I heard it because I'm following Youtube-channel of the composer of the piece Adam Neely. And even then it happened almost by accident - i was doing my stuff and videos were playing on the background and then came turn of Academic Dubstep Sheet Music video and weird combination of sounds caught my attention - dubstep drops and brass orchestra. I took a look at the description and there was a link to a Bandcamp of the band Mass Extinction Event. And there it was - Angry Music for Jazz Orchestra. And it is magnificent.


Stylistically - it is a combination of dance music and proper jazz fusion blow-offs. It constantly ups the tensions and the moment you start to realize what is going on it turns about face and moves in an opposite directions. Here's my overly expressive impressionistic description of what is happening in this composition:

It starts with an avalanche swell that grows up to the point it reminds me a bubble.
Which then falls from the staircase and tumbles down like bouncy bag wooden teeth and metal plates. After that the sirens are going around - drawing zigzags.
And the whole thing goes down - deep down.
Then - but only for a moment it drops you a little of Kurt Weill sleazy cabaret vamp-stomp.
And then again - it goes forward "with a purposeful grimace and terrible sound"
- against very aggressive torrents of air - tearing itself up to the bones - falling apart,
disintegrating into ashes, mixing with dust - laying down into the gutter - playing dead mush.
It is cloudy and a bit foggy.
But then earth crumbles and hot lava spurts from the cracks
- so high it hits the clouds and it is quite Quixotic as the clouds seem to be uninvolved.
The lava drops are cooling down - eventually getting petrified as they fall.
And so it rains with stones.
The thumps come with the whisting sounds - it is overwhelming and causes disorientation combined with fainting.
There are dust clouds all around - nothing's visible.
Clock's ticking.
And everything starts to sink - getting sucked into the sinkhole.
The sound of the flow is terrifying.
After that - jazz band plays a bit to be danced by two invisible men. Brass is one, sax is two.
Their swishes hang around and stick in compele darkness.
And then it is over.


When music evokes something like this - it is right. That's why we're perceving works of art - to move beyond and make it new. Thanks Adam.

I feel great relief. Gonna take a nap right now. Want to imagine all this again and detect all the permutations. 

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: The KLF & Extreme Noise Terror - Black Room Demo

In 1992 Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty were so fed up with music business they were unable even to poke fun at it as they were doing for the last four years.

As a severance with shades of deliverance they performed a brand new version of their superhit 3 A.M. Eternal with crust punk outfit Extreme Noise Terror at Brit Awards. It was dissonant with everything else on the ceremony and sure caught a lot of attention causing many-many think-pieces to roll for a couple of weeks. In the end of performance Bill Drummond fired machine gun blanks at the audience while it was announced through the speakers that "The KLF had left the music industry". What a nice way to go...

Around the same time they were trying to record The Black Room - a follow-up to their hit album The White Room. While the latter was all gleeful tongue-in-cheek stadium house pop, the former was to be much darker and heavier. Just like the White Room, The Black Room had went through several iterations, first being hard techno, then more of aggro-industrial flavor (as Cauty put it in 1990 "electro turbo metal") and finally it morphed into a full-blown collaboration with Extreme Noise Terror.

But after all it went nowhere - the album was never finished. Drummond and Cauty were too exhausted to go on. Honestly, there was no point in going on - the more things changed the more they stay the same. It wasn't like music industry was changing because of them. And since all their attempts to make difference to make difference were proven to be ultimately futile - there was no other reasonable solution other than to quit.

You can still hear the glimpses of what they were up to on singles "America: What time is love?", "Grim Up North" and "3 A.M. Eternal (The KLF vs Extreme Noise Terror: TOTP version)" (and also in some backwards way in the form "What Time is Love Techno Gate Mix"). In interviews the band was namedropping a lot of things to tease the imagination and cause a feast of pondering - Milton backed by Megadeth (something like this) was the most inspired.

But not much else aside of it. Imagining how finished The Black Room would've sounded like is a fun futile task. There is rather colorful recollection from Mark Stent which fits the sounds: "There was such a raw power to it. It was so different from anything anyone else had ever heard." That's all you need to know.

Later the bootlegs of the rough demos came through and now they're available online. According to then Extreme Noise Terror bass player Mark Bailey - these recordings were made at band rehearsals in Ipswich in 1991. Bear in mind this is just a work in progress, a sketch of what should've come. 

Overall - these demoes definitely leave a decent impression. It is a collection of hard, pounding, bulky stompers. Mood pieces for rather pissed if you like. 

I'm Fucked is a fine introduction to the cycle. It is an ordinary fast-paced, mosh-inducing punk cut. It sets the right tone and after a short intro it jumps right in the middle and drag the listener over the nondescript poorly lit, abundantly decorated hall. Also - it definitely should be your next ringtone. 

Deep Shit is one of two occassions when the record sounds more than merely a sketch. This track got intricate structure. Intro beats to the dust and then black hole opens and sucks everything inside itself. And then it all inside gurgling, bouncing as it if it was vacuum cleaner capsule where another black hole opens and sucks everything inside. And then press flattens the scene and there is some liquid leaking - running away through the hard-edged dazzle camouflaged debris. Then it happens upon a big scary dude and they start fighting. Ferrociously. The  It evokes some Platinum Games imagery. 

Bite It Harder resembles early Circle Jerks and Germs stuff. It should be noted that hardcore punk sounds really weird without vocals. Typical "chorus - verse - chorus - verse - interlude - solo - chorus - verse" structure feels empty without singing but leaves a lot of space to imagine what is going on. Which sound depiction of romanticized escape attempt into the big nowhere.

Thirty-Eight is muzak for industrial people - pounding, meat mincing abstract brawler. It sounds vague but menacing. It is also oddly well-tempered. It goes somewhere for a while, then stops and realizes it goes nowhere, then thinks "so what?" and goes again like nothing happened, then gets second thought, stops for a moment again, thinks "bollocks!" and goes again and so on. It is just foir minutes long but it is so monotone it feels like forever. And since the riff is good and the groove is right - it's a nice pastime. I've listened to it on the loop nine times and then hummed along for a week. 

The Black Room resembles all the best moments from Bad Brains song mashed together. It is structured like an ordinary song but lack of vocals make it rather off-putting roundabout.

Fuck the Election starts off with playful starts and stops. Structurally it is like taking a journey through the stairs. It ascends up the stairs. Then walks to the next staircase. Crosses the line, drummers gets a rolling fill and then it all repeats.  

Turn Up the Strobe is second more or less fully formed song on the record. It is slow-burn, brooding, bone cruncher. It is a sonic beatdown. It leaves the subject of obstruction a bloody pulp.  Guitar lashes its riffs over ears. Rhythm section thrusts forwards like a steamroller, breaking through the thick layers of nil. It sounds very intimidating. 

There is one thing that occured in my head while listening - as it is (vocal-less) it seems to be like a soundtrack for the video game. Some non-existant Super Mario / Sonic the Hedgehog clone. In terms of dynamics it makes sense. There is a title screen, level exploration, puzzle solving, cut scenes, boss battles, bonus rounds. 

I guess what KLF intended to do was to monkey Whitehouse, carve a smile on the surface and add some less apparent Helmet groove. But since it was never finalized - we're left with these weird scraps and imagination. 

(i'm waiting for someone to mash these tracks with some GG Allin vocals.)

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Zur-En-Arrh Transmission 11: color song

I was listening to "KLF - America What Time is Love" because reasons. And there is this part near the end where Glenn Hughes shouts out the names of the cities. And so I thought "definitely should try this one 'cause list songs are fun! sorta...maybe...probably...eh...whatever...". But since i'm a secret Joe Cocker fan (i.e. got no mic) - lets WITH A LITTLE HELP OF MY FRIENDS the hell out of this thing.

I hear this thing as an anthem-like mindfuck with a little bit of good old Popul Vuh "Train Through Time" groove. And some Kluster numbing drones. But thats just a foundation.

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Hard hitting existential random generated comic

Cyanide and Happiness is one of the most hideous webcomics in existence. Just because it has Random Comic Generator. Because with its little help you can make your own stuff and if you have the right idea - it can go into the realms of bizarre and wonderful. 

Just because. Reasons, etc.

Take for example the comic you can see at the beginning of the post. It is nothing special but still quite relatable. Because sometimes - all over the sudden - something like that happens. And it feels rather awkward afterwards. 

I don't really want to talk about that any more.

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Four Navajo Songs

What do you know about overly creative pointlessness if you haven't seen notation of the folk songs. Such things are amongst most bizarre out there. It is a nice example of justified simulacra. It is it but not exactly and not quite. Firm roots in the real thing are present - but it is definitely not the thing.  A sober compromise between fuzzy smooth distortion and stern oblivion. Still better than some vague recollections in general terms and color commentary. 

Notation seems to be reasonable as a form of documentation for the folk songs - it captures the melody and makes it possible to be performed by the outsiders. But that makes it a source of infinite distortions and misplacements.  

Below are four Navajo Songs from the collection of Geoffrey O'Hara. I have no idea how they've sounded like originally - but i see the notes and i can imagine something based on them. And i guess it is not exactly how it should have sounded like. I can only misinterpret it. But misinterpretation can be extremely effective creative practice if intensions are to go beyond into the unexpected and rather useless.

Take a look at the songs:

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Fun Coincidental Playlist

It's not like I'm really trying hard to make up something like this. It just happens. I was in the midst of a cooking session - doing omelette and listening to Betty Davis on Youtube.
And then came turn of her song "In The Meantime" and it all flushed out in a wormhole of the songs with the same titles. I didn't even noticed it until the Helmet song started because the style shifted so drastically. Later that day i was looking for one link in the browsing history and only then i realized that i've listened to four songs with identical titles in a row. Which is stupid.

Here's how it goes:

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The Apprehension Engine

I guess this is the thing I would like to get. The Apprehension Engine is a string instrument designed to make spooky, nightmarish sounds. Something you should definitely have if you want to make some dope dark ambient.

Here's a showcase of its functioning:

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Dan Severn Entrance Theme

Dan Severn is the man who needs no introduction. World-renowned technical wrestler, multiple champion, one of the earliest UFC icons. He's the kind of guy whose work never stops to impress. Even when it is definitely not good - you can feel the man's intensity. I have a soft spot for his infamous second encounter with Ken Shamrock at UFC 9 which is known as Dance in Detroit. It is bad from the fight point of view - but as a piece of performance art - there is something enigmatic boiling. It is like unintentional Fluxus. Anyway...

Severn's run at WWF was one big missed opportunity. He was never properly booked, his character was on the wrong side, third bout with Shamrock never happened, etc. But one thing WWF got right - it was his entrance theme. It gives you clear understand of what kind of man is walking towards the ring.

It is menacing. And that is all you need to know.

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: The Cult - The Witch

I love The Cult. Probably my favorite band. Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy had made some of the best rock music and yet most of their output is left somewhat obscure. And it seems mindboggling to me that this band doesn't get the credit they deserve. And there is a lot to chew.

The Cult is incredibly flexible band. They went through numerous stylistic changes and it never seemed to be forced - their sound naturally evolved. You can hear glimpses of what to come on each of their album. They went from goth rock greasers to post-punk outfit to hard rock hustlers to cock rock hellraisers to alt-rock zealots - and every time they manage to deliver something special. It is true - they are consistently great (even their lesser albums contain great songs).

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My Favorite Things: InspiroBot as a tool for Fluxus Scores

Inspirobot is a thing of the moment. And it is easy to see why - it offers a quick fix. And then gets disposed indefinitely. That's how it works these days. Sometimes it is well-deserved. Other times it is not. Because if you use a thing long enough - it will exhaust its bag of tricks and start trying to keep up with the demand by desperate bizarre. And that's where the things get really interesting.

I've been using InspiroBot daily for the five days - and over time bad pun and strange word choice morphed into legitimately interesting stuff. I've noticed that some results can be combined and that makes them look like some sort of a Fluxus score (which is always a good thing).

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Seriously Strange: Yuushi Daigoken Dragon!!!!! posts

Once upon a time i was gathering info for something and presented various scraps to a girl i was attracted to. She reacted with repulsion and said "you've got too much free time if you're doing this - i can't afford myself to do that - this is ridiculous". It was a major turn off. We've never spoke again.

Nevertheless, i have too many friends who showcase same kind of attitude. And it is just stupid. I know you all have jobs to do but so do I. And yet I find time to do stuff. And you just shit your pants every time somebody else is wasting time big time. Hey, that gal in the glasses - i'm talking to you!

Ok. And now straight to the point.

I have no idea who Yuushi Daigoken is. As far as I know she is a musician, doing some electronic stuff and some visual arts too. But what sparkled my interest to her person was seemingly neverending series of posts with the word "DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!". Every day for the last month i keep seeing it. And it rather irritating. People keep asking her why did she post such things - but there is no reply.

Personally, I don't care why she posts it. It doesn't matter. The whole thing reminds me of really monotone nothing-special works of On Kawara while the tone reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama and Yoko Ono. And because i had 15 minutes to screencap the whole thing - you can see it from the beginning to this day - June 30.

Lo and Behold! There are somewhere around 150 images.

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Dick Higgins - Danger Music #17


Scream. Is there anything more inspiring than just screaming your head off trying to express all the frustrations and all the perturbations that are boiling inside of you? Of course there is. But all that garbage keeps piling up inside of you and in the end there is not much place for anything else. You just feel overwhelmed for no reason at all and you can't get away from it. There is this unease. As a countermeasure you can mess around but after a while it becomes counterproductive. You can succumb to it for a while but that is rather pointless exercise in vanity. You can also ponder about it - but it is just numbing. What else can you do with it?

If you need to clean up the place - you need to cut the crap. Or rather blow it off.

For sure there are more creative ways of letting it go. But why bother with trying to go around something in dire attempts to recycle it when you can blow it off once and for all and just go on without excessive baggage?

That's why i find Dick Higgins series Danger Music and #17 in particular so exciting. It doesn't look like an art piece, it has no pretense of being highbrow elitist bunga-bunga. It is a simple thing with no twists - just Scream! Scream! Scream! Scream! - up to the point you are unable to scream more. It gets you out there and far beyond any comprehensible boundaries. It gives you a chance to let yourself go inside out and drop all the hidden and long overcooked grievances away in a nice form of a soul spurting scream. It is a nice therapy.

There is no need in other kinds of expression to provide a clean-up with extreme prejudice on yourself. It is like letting bugs to eat out the flesh on the bones. And that is something that is sorely missing in the majority of more common and acceptable artistic practices - extremity.

Look at the the score:

For all its simplicity - it is undeniably transcending. No words can properly describe the feeling you have after performing the piece. When you're performing it - you feel something completely different. For example, i once had a full-on 2001 kaleidoscopic colors running through my eyes. On other occassion i felt sudden explosions of emotiness inside my stomach. It was like a cave was forming inside of me.

Any time - it is rather eccentric experience to behold.  And that is something worth thinking about, even overthinking. It is something you can express in other forms.

Even looking at the score card, at the word "Scream!" makes it something very different from what you usually perceive as a word "scream". It becomes something alien, something you can't really comprehend and that sudden barrieris something that dares you to turn it down even more.

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My favorite things: Chewbacca Sounds / R2D2 Translator

GooglePlay got some awesome stuff if you know where to look. Down with that truism. While looking for adequate cipher program i've stumbled upon and fell in love with two applications. Both of them were connected to unescapable and utterly irritating Star Wars brand. But eventually both turned out to be fun. They are great for wasting time and trying out different ways of expressions. They offer a pareidolic glimpse into possible something completely different.

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Six random words in a row

smile beaver gaunt caress groaning absurdly

My Favorite Things: 16 Blank Pages

I was going through my hard drive today. There's 72 GB full of stuff. Some of it is of sentimental value - some pin-ups, photos, sketches, etc. Then there are comics. Back in 2016 i was blitzkrieging my way through Silver Age Marvel/DC because i really wanted to tell Ukrainians some stuff about comics. There were also some books on comics I've downloaded last year and forgotten about. Most of them were about history of the Marvel Comics - i was working on the article regarding Jim Shooter's career trajectory and foundation of Valiant Comics until i wasn't because of politics and "nobody gives a damn, man - they will eat shit" attitude. Anyway. 

Before deleting the book I've opened up every each of them and looked through. The only things that caught my interest were pages with "Blank Page" written on it. Call me cynical - but i really felt something looking at them. Because i don't really care about this stuff anymore. 

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Louis Wain designs Futurist Cats

Louis Wain is one of those artists whose stature grew immensely in 21st Century due to rise of the LolCat phenomenon. Sometimes they're little bit funny, other times they're little bit sad and then they get really weird. And then even beyond weirdest weirder weird (spell it fast five times). What is uncanny is that no matter how odd the picture looks - you can always relate to it. There's so much heart in his drawings it gives you the brightness to carry on. And not in the sentimental way - like street fighting stray cat with swagger big enough to make Pluto a planet again. 

Curiously, Louis Wain is also one of those artist whose works shows how the times and aesthetics have changed over the course of late 19th-early to mid 20th centuries. It is fascinating to surf chronologically through his works. 

четвер, 8 червня 2017 р.

середа, 7 червня 2017 р.

Bil Sabab Power Hour: Partisan Forest - Лента за лентою

You know sometimes you need to go back to the roots and listen to some oldies...

"Round by round" (Lenta za Lentoyu) is an old song from the glory days of Ukrainian Rebel Army (UPA). It is about relentless and seemingly endless struggle, love and war and all the things Ernest Hemingway would appreciate. It is unabashedly upbeat to the point of ridiculousness. It's an inciting contemplative war cry filled with little details that flesh out the characters and setting of the song to the point that you can actually relate to it in a very bizarre but honest way.

Zur-En-Arrh Transmission 6

gou gou
yotitat yotatat take

kesavesavesou whavessake
gouitave gotat itavese

gou gou

whake whake

itatavesavesou yotavest
gou gou

Five Random Words in a Row

peppermint discord blurt endless below

вівторок, 6 червня 2017 р.

Zur-En-Arrh Transmission 5

These images were extracted from a data flow that occurred on June 5th.

Just the crowd reactions to something. Consider this to be a comic book snap adaptation of Ten Minutes Older.

David Plowden Random Photo #1

Detail of rolling stand, 80 inch hot strip mill, steel mill

David Plowden is one of those photographers who can make you feel startled by the monumental glory of the stricly utilitarian things like barns, locomotives and even streets. He finds beauty in things devoid of it in orthodox terms. He tells you "Hey! Discover this!". 

By photographing things he's able to defamiliarize them to the point we can actually appreciate them on a completely different level. 

Take a look at this photo. You've probably have a very distant idea of what it is. But you are almost subconsciously impressed by its look, by the way the photo captures the dynamics of the mechanism. And that's all you really need. The rest comes up in your mind in some bizarre manner.

In Collaboration: Volodymyr Bilyk & Jez Noond

If you're looking for trouble - you've come to right place...

I love Jez Noond. He's one of the most awesomest writers i've ever known. Every time we have a conversation - it's a blast. So many great ideas. He's a go-to guy if you need a shot in the arm (not literally).

Few months ago we've accidentally wrote a play. And few days ago we've made this:

субота, 3 червня 2017 р.

Zur-En-Arrh Transmission 4

This message was intercepted on three separate occassions - first on on the night between May 31st and June 1st. Then on June 2nd during a lunch time. Finally the big transmission occured at night between June 2nd and June 3rd.

The resulting message was combined to a cohesive narrative. It is thoroughly inspiring. Beware.

пʼятниця, 2 червня 2017 р.

Bil Sabab Power Hour: John Oswald - Plexure

Well, well, well... oh, well... few days ago while writing a piece about Barry Adamson - Amanda Earl reminded me of one of the most fascinating artists out there - John Oswald. It's a challenge to write about him since there are so many things to mention - it is easy to get lost. But i'm not an ordinary person. So - Get ready for a ride!


John Oswald is one of those composers who pushes boundaries with such ease that it looks like a joke. But it isn't. In fact his sonic experiments are amongst the most daring in the century of daring experiments. And that is saying something. From the very start he was dead-set on making something that was not only fresh and exciting but also been capable of exploring and analyzing the depths of our culture. And it all came together in the form of Plunderphonics - recorded music chopped and screwed and recontextualized to make new. entirely different kind of music. The one which is impossible to make otherwise. The one that takes a precious fluids out of all sorts of sounds, mixes them together and makes it's own brew. Not just another variation on petrified structures as modern EDM, R'n'B and Hip-Hop usually does.

That's what makes the concept of "plunderphonics" so fascinating. It makes the point that recorded music is not the same thing as "regular music" thus regular rules of composition and harmony don't apply. As Brion Gysin said "everything is permitted - nothing is true" (it is out of context but fits anyway). 

It all depends on a particular piece. Once you get Led Zeppelin groove and evangelist ravings in a loving embrace. Another time you make Dolly Parton's voice to morph through all the sonic spectrum, sound like a man, sing duet with herself and slowly amuse null and void besides. Or make Jim Morrison really deliver "Hello, I Love You" in a sort of Butthole Surfers "chaos reigns" mishmash bish-bosh manner. And then you get your hands on Stone Cold Crazy by Metallica and Queen and make it really Stone Cold Crazy. Or make an ultimate jamming trip out of Grateful Dead's Dark Star.,,

Of all this goodness - "Plexure" stands apart. It is not just a neat combo with a twist and some cunning stunts. It is ear-to-ear razoblade smile with colombian necktie and blood eagle. It is more. It is immense. It is beyond comprehension. It is also better than the real thing - if you know what i mean. It is an ultimate Plunderphonics. Oswald's definitive work. Amped up to the eleven...

In short - it's a rapid fire patchwork mash-up kaleidoscope, confetti explosion and underwater fireworks of several thousands of various pop songs. A little bit of this and a little of that ten thousand times in a row with no particular order. "Plexure" is an attempt to document a point of time it was made but in way that made it essentially timeless. Basically this is how music sounds like if you overexpose and overconsume it. That's how the music sounds in a seasoned DJ's head. 

Imagine this: 
Cloud-like utterly vague sonic entity moves into your attention span. You definitely recognize it, at least generally - but you can't define it. But you feel it is familiar. But it slips away and slips away and slip away - constantly changing, never taking any particular shape. .

That's what Plexure is in its core. It is impossible to describe it in any comprehensive way. But you can dance around it. 

On the other hand - it's a critique of the entire concept of pop music and its thorough and eminent overexposure. It's all too much. That's why the majority of pop music  is interested in sounding as the only thing in the universe that matters while refusing to accept the fact that in reality it is mostly a one-off bubble gum and that it actually matters pus. Another preemptive final word on the subject until the next comes around. Together they all make a big grey blob-globster nothing-really whatsoever. That is what "Plexure" represents. But it also defamiliarizes it.

Sheer amount of used materials and intensity makes it almost impossible to listen the "usual way". You can't really hear if you're trying to listen to it. It's a disorientating blur, devoid of any traditional dynamics. Big black magnifying blot. It is everything that is more like nothing in particular.You need to learn to listen to it on your terms. You need to stop worrying about getting it all at once and relax and then gradually go with the flow. You will get your singular experience. Let yourself phase in and out of it - spot various curiousities - little moments that only you can spot and that can mean whatever you want. 

Some pieces you can recognize. Some don't. But everytime you do - it goes something like this "oh! I know! Yeah! Oh, well... eh... what? Hey! cool! Huzzah! Wait a minute?! What? ...um... Why? oh! great! holy wookie shampoo! saint jumping george! for ragged joseph sake!". then flatline and beep beep beep. 

And if you find certain elements of it confusing - just listen to it again and again until your mind will work out its own solution. With all that being said - I think "Plexure" is at its most effective when the listener is entirely unfamiliar with the source materials. This was it is truly different, alien experience. 

"Plexure" is designed to tear apart a delicate fabric of your perception. Listening to it is a blast. You can't help but get bedazzled and quite frisky by the ways Oswald manipulates sounds, the methods he uses and the compositions he ends up making. 

It's good to have it at hands reach. In moments of doubt or boredom - it's a mighty cure.

Can you solve these puzzles?

Також у новинах: Винесене на загал

Galina Babak пише:
, сподіваюся, ти не образишся за це афішування "літератури факту". І тобі добраніч:)
пс. окрім пунктуації, нічого не змінено

я не піду в душ
буду почуватися брудним уві сні 
і вода погано тече
і ще щось принципове
але несказанне
це дуже важлива інформація
скоріш за все не вдягну піжаму
бо кому це треба
ще я забув повіджиматися -
це обов'язково треба знати
але зуби почистив
бо пєр гійота

Отже, як це сталося. Вона написала "я в душ". А це дуже важлива інформація, без якої життя стає тьмяним. Це дратує, бо де я і де вона і взагалі. Тому отаке забацав.

(Це відбувається через наявність неабияких навичок у писанні "навідмаш". Потребує великої пихи. Якщо ви не В/Б - навіть не намагайтеся.) 

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Editors note:

This one was a rough ride. I don't want to get into the details but this time i had to deal with so many submissions that were inadequate to the magazine's concept I thought somebody was joking on me. That was downright discouraging. That's why this time I relied more on curated content than incoming submissions. It made a better issue.

I'm glad to present you the works of the following:


Table of Contents:

  1. Gary Barwin - Miro's Sky
  2. Mark Young - Eleven poems
  3. Marco Giovenale - Six Glitch Asemic Pieces
  4. Sean Smith - Forty Weaves
  5. Angela Caporaso - Three collages
  6. Kyle Hemmings - Six text-visual combos
  7. Yrik Max Valentonis - Herstory
  8. Jack Galmitz - Three poems and one visual
  9. Nathaniel Horowitz - Three asemic pieces
  10. Glen Armstrong - Three poems
  11. Federico Federici - Six Asemic Scores
  12. Johannes S. H. Bjerg - Poems

Six random words in a row

incessant bluish boom feet memory blaze

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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Barry Adamson - My Friend The Fly

Barry Adamson is cool. He radiates that particular swagger that feels legitimately ultimate.

"My Friend The Fly" is a song from his 2006 album "Stranger on a Sofa", which is one hell of a manic depressive mood-swinging tone-shifting ride.

The song tells a self-contained story about the fly. Not some scientist with a weird head or some other Kafkaesque madness, no, Adamson doesn't need such flashy stuff. Instead he turns on ordinary things and tells a story about a regular insect. But described in a way as if it was as a gangster who does his "things" with a style and definitely has a thing or two against the narrator. He intimidates, threatens and even downright bullies the narrator at multiple occasions. You get the sense that fly is no joke.

The song feels big. It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that and then something completely different rolls over with a bang and you get that raspy "wow!" on the margin. It reminds you of some murky spaces, a bit moist with unpleasant reverberations and sticky surfaces with lots of signs of foots and hands, smudged and distinct. The drum pattern is like scratching brazen rash. First he stomps in conceit before the grinder. For a moment it seems to go gleefully nowhere. Right before he dives into the sonic pandemonium of brass and double bass swirling staircases of notes into the noose that squeezes all the air out of place cleaning it up before the next bout.

It is unsettling. It evokes enpuzzlement and commotion.

Adamson is exceptional at building tension in a composition. He knows when to loose things up and where it must get tighter. The best description of his style is "operatic tongue-in-cheek". It doesn't take itself too seriously but there is imposing darkness hanging around that makes its nonchalant carelessness rather intimidating and quite ominous. He turns mood into a quicksand - it is mesmerizes listener to the point he takes a step towards it and then it swallows him so fast it is unnoticeable and brings him to the other side where things are rough with some bizarre.

Four random words in a row

Retro Cyborg Joker Nosferatu

There is a lot to chew when you're start to play with random word generators. It is probably the most effective way to keep your writing skills intact. You get the batch of words and then dance around it until they start to mean and evoke something. The feeling after you have finished such text is substantially different from finishing regular text. Mainly because there is something needless hidden deep inside. You can't take such activity seriously. But you try - just for sake of trying to roll the coherent text around those words.

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Zur-En-Arrh Transmission 1

If there's a hope - it is in the Dummy image generator. That's all you need to know. There is something immensely creative in misusing general tools. Dummy image isn't designed to produce art. But you can make it so. And that's what I like about it. Following texts were inserted into the vantablack dummy shells just because. Enjoy.

Zur-En-Arrh Transmission

то є або Z або N.