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MFT: Nuclear Bomb Explosion Videos

The explosions of the nuclear bombs is probably one of the most mesmerizing and simultaneously terrifying things the man can see. Flashes, afterglows, mushroom clouds, craters - it is a thing to behold. It is a weird thing to claim considering the fact that these are weapons of mass destruction that are definitely one of the worst ideas that ever glimpsed into a human brain that still threatens the future of humanity in more than one way. But nevertheless there is something inherently artistic in the documentation of their morbid action. It is hard to explain, but there is something that grabs my attention the other way.

The weird thing about the documentation of the nuclear bomb tests is the way it often defamiliarizes the subjects. On the still images some of the explosions look like a pieces of abstract art bursting out of realistic landscape. You can't even tell if it is actually an explosion. If you look at some of the aerial tests photos - it might be like a slightly abstracter Turner thing.

This strange effect translates into motion too. While in motion the explosions are still a symphonies of destruction and absolutely abhorrent atrocity - it also feels bizarrely subdued, lacking the punch as if the moving images drained the explosion of its energy. It looks like a very big lab test from school. Which is a perplexing feeling.

It takes an effort to distance yourself from the fact that these things were designed to destroy. But once you go beyond that you start to notice the aesthetic qualities of the thing.

Case in point - this video:

This is a footage from an Operation Hardtack-1. This particular test was conducted on July 22, 1958. It is a 65 kiloton bomb. The footage starts with a blinding flash after which the white cloud occurs turns blue turns black and slowly dissipates revealing enormous black mushroom cloud going up in the sky.

The image burns into memory - this enthralling black void in a form of a mushroom cloud that hangs in the space like a thorn in the side.


Or here's Johnnie. This video presents a very different presentation. It is slowed down to a crawl and goes on for eight minutes. The explosion is filmed from a very large distance. Mushroom cloud slowly evolves, gradually disintegrates into nondescript whirl of smoke and dust. First straightens into a something of a pillar, then the upper part swells. It pretends to be a balloon for a moment before it starts to fold in two laying down on earth as a thick mist. Because of the chosen pace it is grueling.

And here's Danny! This is also a slowed down footage. It shows the underground explosion. The ground slowly swells and burst into a nondescript shambles before an abrupt cutoff. It is somewhat confusing but nonetheless rather disturbing if you think about it.

Turk 28100 is probably one of the most beautiful documentations of the atomic explosion ever. Seriously. The way the flash in the sky turns into a fiery bowl of energy that engulfs everything around is something to behold.

The explosion bubble from the very start looks more like a piece of abstract art than a weapon of mass destruction in action.

Here's another something-something. This one is from the Operation Dominic. It is a slowed down footage of a flash in the sky that turns into a large ball of nondescript matters that grows and grows and lights up all the surroundings until it is blinding white. The ball of light hangs in the sky and slowly dissipates into thin air.

The cloud nearby is the strangest thing in this video. It just hangs around and slowly moves from right to left.

This particular footage looks like of the abstract experimental films from the 50s from the guys like Stan Brakhage.

Kickappo is an explosion in the sky. It occurs in the middle of the pitch black darkness, burns itself out and dissolves in the blackness. What happens after that is probably beyond comprehension.

This one is a bit of a non-thing and it is also one of the weirdest. It is just a flash in the sky that stuck and pretends to be a part of the scenery.

Bighorn was another aerial test. It looks a symphonic poem. The thing starts with a flash that takes a moment to burst out to the full force. It hangs in the middle shining brighter and brighter while everything around goes darker and darker.

After a while the ball of light disintegrates, its lower part dissolves and its upper part pretends to a Cathedral.

Don't get me wrong, anyway you think about it - it is the thing that should not be. It is disgusting. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't look nice.

четвер, 5 липня 2018 р.

Jazz Playlist

It's been a while since i last wrote anything here. So here's a little jazz playlist designed for a worthwhile listening.

Song after song after song.


  • Don Redman and His Orchestra - Reefer Man
  • Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra - The Man from Harlem
  • Stuff Smith and His Onyx Club - Here Comes the Man with the Jive
  • Bob Howard and His Boys - If You're a Viper
  • Benny Goodman and His Orchestra / Jack Teagarden - Texas Tea Party
  • Buster Bailey's Rhythm Busters - Light Up
  • Trixie Smith - Jack, I'm Mellow )
  • Barney Bigard Sextet - Sweet Marijuana Brown
  • Sidney Bechet / Noble Sissle's Swingsters - Viper Mad
  • The Harlem Hamfats - The Weed Smoker's Dream
  • Cee Pee Johnson - The "G" Man Got the "T" Man
  • Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy - All the Jive Is Gone
  • Georgia White - The Stuff Is Here
  • Chick Webb and His Orchestra / Ella Fitzgerald - Wackey Dust
  • Harry "The Hipster" Gibson - Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?
  • Clarence Williams and His Washboard Band - Jerry the Junker
  • Fats Waller - Reefer Song
  • Julia Lee and Her Boy Friends - Lotus Blossom (Sweet Marijuana)
  • Ernest Rodgers - Willie the Chimney Sweeper
  • Bea Foote - Weed
  • Buck Washington - Save the Roach for Me
  • Lil Green - Knockin' Myself Out


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Zur-En-Arrh Transmission: 13

The following transmission was captured over the course of Saturday, July 14th while I was looking for my notebook. It happened to be concealed under the pile of unscanned drawings. 

There were nine occassions when the image went through my mind. Time of each episode is marked.

неділя, 17 червня 2018 р.

MFT: Chef/Jive/ValSpeak/Pig Filter

Text substitution is rather attractive technique from a creative standpoint. You can take any text and transform it into semi-comprehensible slightly deformed wraith of itself and uncover some hidden things of the text in the process. Isn't that great? What is even better is text substitution combined with some elaborate vernacular.

Chef/Jive/ValSpeak/Pig Filter is a kind of translator that makes reading of the text a little bit more complicated and in the same time very entertaining. It is a pure novelty but it can be applied in a more creative ways too. For instance, it is a viable option in terms of creating seething malapropism-riddled verses of nil. Not only the translation disjoints the original text while keeping the form, it also undermines its original meaning by deforming the very words it is expressed with. The resulting text is resembling the original but is considerably deformed and ravaged which makes it different. 

The translator uses general English vocabulary as a foundation and converts it through four sociolect filters: valleyspeak, pig latin, jive talk and swedish chef. All of them are astoundingly bizarre at first. However, without tinkering and creative approach to an input text - the joke gets old after two or three times.

Valleyspeak is the simplest of the bunch and it can be used for slight, less visible sabotaging of the text. The text is not really blasted off. You just get a couple of inserts ranging from "like" and "ya know" to "uh" and "wow!". You also get minimal distortions here there but nothing actively assaulting your perception. If used sparingly over the text, it can act as a form of textual tongue-in-cheek corpsing.

Jive talk is an extremely limited approximation of african-american urban vernacular. AIt can be used as a wham-joke fill, but not much. It doesn't change the text that much aside from chewing parts of the words and occassional inserts of "ha'" and "ah'" with exclamations like "What it is, Mama?". However, it can be useful as a raw material - you can extract chewed parts of the words and random exclamations and construct rather peculiar sound poem out of it.

Pig Latin is a classic dada verbal terrorism. If you need to make the text utterly unreadable celebration of ad lib nihil - then this is the thing to use. It can seriously improve middling text by strong-arming into it many-many much-unneeded suffixes and prefixes and also messing parts of the words around like trash. The resulting text looks like a text that will make you question the nature of comprehension. Which is always a good thing.

Swedish Chef is inspired by an eponymous characters from The Muppets and his signature manner of speak. This filter creates some elaborately ragged and rotten mutations of the common words. At times, it actually manages to make the words indistinguishable which is great. As such, it is best used for more complex words as they tend to be distorted far more deeply. The combination of such distorted words can make a good sound poem.

Translation is probably the single most creative activity one can imagine. You take a piece of text and substitute words from one language or dialect to another. You can just provide direct translation and make an utterly clumsy alienated text and you can thoroughly adapt to the nuances of the other language. In essence, translation can be anything - there are no particular rules especially if you are doing this for your own pleasure and not for some heightened goals of cultural dialogue.

середа, 13 червня 2018 р.

BSPH: US Seals 2 - Michael Worth vs Damian Chapa

This is an episode from the film "US Seals 2". It was released in 2001 and directed by modern action auteur Isaac Florentine. The episode shows a final fight between the protagonist played by Michael Worth and the antagonist played by Damian Chapa. It is a sword fight because of very tangled reasoning. There is something very inflammable and any spark can cause an explosion. Because of that everything is either hand-to-hand or fencing.

It is probably the greatest swordfight ever captured on film.  In a way, it is a film within a film.

MFT: Nuclear Bomb Explosion Videos

The explosions of the nuclear bombs is probably one of the most mesmerizing and simultaneously terrifying things the man can see. Flashes, a...