середа, 23 серпня 2017 р.

Bil Sabab Power Hour: Pink Guy Raps Absurd Porn Titles

#ВсіЙдутьДоMuMuLand #ЗробитиМій99

You know FilthyFrank. He's the best out there in Internet. The video "Pink Guy Raps Absurd Porn Titles" is not one of his best. But it presents curious artistic technique known as reading through the titles. It is stupid as hell but incredibly funny if you get the right topic. If not - it still funny And what source can offer better titles than pornography? Frank Zappa probably, but porn is a good source too.

The result is barely lash trembling. The majority of the titles are trying so hard to be nasty and disgusting it falls flat and makes you a little existential in the shade of pointless vanity rolling backwards on the loop. These titles fail so hard - chances are their fall will never end because they're denied of proper thump. The others are too awkward to imagine - as if someone was trying really hard to make it search-friendly. Anyway - the whole thing is good for occassional performances.

That's a paradox. It consists of bad material but ultimately transcends into a good thing. Damn!

неділя, 20 серпня 2017 р.

Russell Jaffe's Five Word Story Challenge

You all know six word stories. It is bullshit. They usually suck although they shouldn't but for some arcane reason it always happens that way - no matter how hard you try to charge the narrative and pack the punch - it is always a whimper and never a reality warp.

Its joke is in its elusive nature. It seems to be simple but it is beyond simple. It is nothing and all you get is what you make of it on your own. A literary equavalent of placebo. Down with it.

But what if we take away one word? That makes a five word story. Is any different? Not exactly but who cares? 

Russell Jaffe aka editor of TL;DR magazine had posted on his FB-account a challenge to write some five word stories because six word story format is not enough anymore anyway.

my entries:
  1. nightfall. pounding blue hand bulge. 
  2. flytrap licker hugs chalk dancing. 
  3. horseradish daisies decay. orangutang blushed. 
  4. blurt entropy - chops horrors. duck. 
  5. fix gloomy blankly. eerie wink.
  6. octopus drops blood. perfect smile.
  7. Estimate pineapple. Moan blow. Fumbling
  8. humble glimmer fright. bitter gaunt (silence). 
  9. frisky heart jerk. hatchet elevation.
  10. twisted clouds hoop. pinch. smirk.

пʼятниця, 18 серпня 2017 р.

My Favorite Things: Trucker Fags Maze!

Here's a little funny maze from the Jim Goad's comic Trucker Fags in Denial. It is what it says on the tin - it's about a couple of hard working manly-man truckers Butch and Petey. They hate those fags. They hate them so much they can't sleep, can't eat, can't do anything. They complain about their hate a lot. Eventually they get their own grotesque Brokeback Mountain. Trucker Fags in Denial is hilarious. Check it out - it worth seeing if not for its politics then for its scathing humour.

As for the maze itself - try to imagine a large truck running around in the maze. It's surreal. Thinking about makes the world a better place. Due to the fact that there's coffee in the end - it easily can be considered Lynchian. Why? Because reasons. Agent Cooper would've walked throught the maze in search of coffee. 

четвер, 17 серпня 2017 р.

Bil Sabab Power Hour: Watarase - Itabashi / Moriyama

Tough existential things and shit...
Typing ensues...

Got a new job and i feel like a dummy all the time because i out of my comfort zone. And then - all over the sudden - i don't know which version of Watarase i like more.
The one performed by Takeo Moriyama or the one performed by Fumio Itabashi.

субота, 12 серпня 2017 р.

Bil Sabab Power Hour: Mingus Big Band - Moanin'

Mingus Big Band got some style. Considering that The Main Man was long gone by the time of the recording - it is incredible how precise is delivery. Ronnie Cuber is the leading man on the piece and he delivers one of the most intense sax parts outside of 'Trane.

пʼятниця, 11 серпня 2017 р.

My favorite things: Online Cat Purr Generator and Dreams of Steve Reich Minimalism

Cats are something of a herrenvolk of Internet. No one can stand against the almighty memes about cats. Grumpy cat, LOLcat, Henri le chat noir, etc. Cats are good and there is nothing you can do about it. One can listen to their signature purr to the end of the world.

But how about online cat purr generator? There goes uncanny valley. It sounds legit. But why would you need something like that? I mean - it is pointless. If only you are into sound experimentation - then you can make it tick into different direction.

Do you remember Steve Reich? He had some minimalist conceptual pieces like "Come out" and "It's Gonna Rain" which took a little soundbite and turned them into phasing ripping roaring masterpieces of hypnotizing beauty. How about making the same thing with cat's purr? Think about it. Overlapping, phasing streams of cat purr.

середа, 9 серпня 2017 р.

Things to do with a banana

Holy smoke! Banana Pow Wow Wow! This is the beginning of something exciting. Or is it?

I've found this thing in a Weird Universe newsletter (it is worth subscribing). It is a bit hillarious but not so much, especially on a second reading (yes, i did it - sue me). 

субота, 5 серпня 2017 р.

Bil Sabab Power Hour: Rollins Band - Ghost Rider

You know Henry Rollins. He's a hulky-bulky ultra mega tattoed guy (he's got Einstuerzende Neubauten logo on his arm!! so edgy!) who usually says spectacularly obvious but nevertheless quite rational things with his commanding thunderous voice and really-really dislikes techno music (never forget). He also fronted goddamn Black Flag. And then he had his own outfit aptly called Rollins Band. It was good up until it was substituted by Mother Superior (which was good in its own right but sounded mostly really lame and predictable).

Among other things Rollins Band had a superpower of performing other people's songs better than the real thing. Because why bother doing it if you're not doubling the stakes.

пʼятниця, 4 серпня 2017 р.

Rives - Typographical Fairy Tale

Here's one old TED video where the man who calls himself Rives tells rather uninspiring, astoundingly ordinary story (boy meets girl, it's complicated, etc. hush, nah nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah nah-nah) with a little help of these weird symbols known as emoticons.

When I first saw it - i was embarrassed. It was years before i started to write, but even then i thought it was a pitiful waste of form. Those emoticons weren't necessary to tell a story. It was a nice thing but nothing else. It was "meh". I've stumbled upon it once again few days ago and was puzzled. It was not bad - just underwhelmingly nothing special.

But it is a good example of wasting potential of the medium. Emoticons weren't used properly in this story. They were just a supplement to the traditional narrative. They were there to illustrate it - not to expand or diversify. There was no intention to explore that narrative in the realm of emoticons and express it using its possibilities.

Here's a thing: emoticons are incredible form of communication. There are so many interpretations for every sign. With its help you can draw emotional kaleidoscopes, frantic rollercoaster rides - you don't need to bend it into something coherent, something embroiled with straightforward narrative - you just need to embrace its major advantage - typographic depiction of emotional states and other things (such as "ponytail" or "dire state of things"). It cannot be instantly understood - some emoticons are easier to decipher, other are tougher to break, some are simply uncomprehensible. But that what makes them so powerful. It is always alien in some.

And the feeling that comes with attempts to understand alienating form of message - is interesting to say the least. The whole experience is worth trying because of that - trying to figure out what exactly this thing could mean. And the fact it is still underutilized is quite sad.

середа, 2 серпня 2017 р.

My Favorite Things: Two color poems by Nico Vassilakis

As a person with rather brutal case of synesthesia - i see no difference between any piece of art i perceive. No matter what it is - my brain will blow it up as if i was on DMT. Sometimes it happens in more distinct ways, sometimes it is not that exciting, other times it is no good at all but it happens all the time and to be honest it really drains you. I guess it is one of the reasons why i love noise music so much - it gives me such an overload that i actually can relax. (And write a guide to Merzbow. I'm a sad person.) 

The problem with my synesthesia is that there are no certain rules to it. It just happen at random. I can look at the cloud and get what may be considered as high. Or i can just walk on the street and it will struck me and i will not even have an idea what was the trigger - just the feeling of something really-really exciting and inspiring occurred and went away. It is really irritating at times but it doesn't really matter. I don't want to talk about it. It's just an introduction. 

Color is something we take for granted. We don't really think about it. And when we think about it - it is kinda not very exciting. And when somebody tries to pin it down and explain - it is boring and unnecessary. The mystery of color will forever stay beyond comprehension.

If there is one thing for sure - it is that color poems are actually criminally underutilized. I'm not talking about use of color in poetry. I'm talking about written set of colors in a form of a poem. Aside from pranks - all i could think of were a couple of poems by Nico Vassilakis and obviosly enough titles of abstract expressionist paintings or a better half of Piet Mondian body of work. Which is strange considering the conceptual potential of color. It is so enigmatic it should be on the frontline of experimental writing just because.

Color poems are fun to read. I really like to gaze through certain parts of Piet Mondrian or Barnett Newman catalogues. Especially ones where you have just a list of works or lists of mentions of pieces in monographies. I think there are more poetry in such things than to say in poems of Rupi Kaur (no offense).

But it is easy to see why color poems are not a thing. Color poems represent some sort of alternative to more verbal and reasonable ways of expressing thoughts and constructing imagery. And nobody really needs that. Because it is a little bit too awkward even in this day and age. Who needs written set of colors when you can actually present those colors in the flesh as a painting? But that's the catch. This is why.

Color poems are like sound poems - they're made to be performed in a special way. They are like scores for imagination. Abstract and precise at the same time. You know exactly what this or that color is and what it generally means and you have your own unique set of associations and reflections connected with it. Perceiving color poem is like writing a symphony of the making of the cloud by breathing on the fly. Lots of things mash together but they all fit in and somehow start to tick. Since there are no way to interpret color straight - you just need to let it flow. And when it happens - it is one of kind experience - blink and you'll miss it. I like that way of perception. It is gratifying in many ways. Writing a color poem gives you an opportunity to present a point of entry of sorts for the experience of the recipient. Think about it for a moment.

I've mentioned Nico Vassilakis earlier. Here are two poems that consists solely of colors by Nico Vassilakis. I have no idea where they were taken from - just found them in my archive. Enjoy.

вівторок, 1 серпня 2017 р.

Zur-En-Arrh Transmission: Glitch 'n' Pome Time!

I was thinking a lot about this lately. It was over a year ago. I was bored. And then the words came to me. But they were too sketchy. So i've used random word generator to fill the gaps. But then - it wasn't any good - so it was shelved for good. 

Now i'm unearthing original piece sticked to the glitched images and it seems to be just fine. What a waste of time.

MFT: Nuclear Bomb Explosion Videos

The explosions of the nuclear bombs is probably one of the most mesmerizing and simultaneously terrifying things the man can see. Flashes, a...