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My favorite things: Chewbacca Sounds / R2D2 Translator

GooglePlay got some awesome stuff if you know where to look. Down with that truism. While looking for adequate cipher program i've stumbled upon and fell in love with two applications. Both of them were connected to unescapable and utterly irritating Star Wars brand. But eventually both turned out to be fun. They are great for wasting time and trying out different ways of expressions. They offer a pareidolic glimpse into possible something completely different.


Chewbacca Sounds is essentially a collection of Chewbacca samples.  All those raaahrs and warrrhs. They are presented in a long list of onomatopoeic descriptions. You push the button and get the roaring response. It is fun for about five minutes and then it gets old if you're not getting conceptual with it.

Chewbacca roar here and there for no reason at all, Chewbacca roar looped to the mindnumbing point, Chewbacca roar chopped and screwed into the Bach Fugue, Chewbacca roar drowned in endless echo. Lots of opportunities.

You can go further and try to make a "legit" wookie conversation using your phones. Technically it is just a little shuffle of the sounds - but who cares? It is sound poetry!!!

(P.S.: You can write the list down in your notebook and make something of your own  (SERIOUSLY, DO IT).

Personally, i use it with a Merkali scale of vibrations. Because it is funnier that way.


R2D2 Translator is what it says on the tin. It translates your text into the signature beeping, swooping sounds of everybody's favorite droid. It is fun to defamiliarize ordinary and rather unexciting sounding english phrases into a sputniklike beeps and bloops but it gets old in five minutes. This thing needs systematic approach. 

It can be used to produce alien sounding sound poems or it can be used to make some music. Imagine drunk and out there conversation in R2D2speak. Or Cage-inspired aleatoric bleeps. Or Beckett versus Pinter inside out and backwards. Or a little bit of mister Reich's phasing. Or wonderful sky quakes. Or good old gibberish. It works anyway - just add some context.

It is also very efficient way to irritate people.


What puzzles me about the both is that they're relatively obscure. But thats for the better because that way i can use in a new and exciting way.

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