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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Nameless - Fearless Sunrise (2011)

Let's have some fun! Nameless is one of the best Ukrainian rock bands that have ever walked the face of the Earth. Period. They're so good you'll start to believe in supernatural things because the sense of wonder they transmit is so intense - there is no other way around it.

They've been around for a long with roller-coasting line-ups and ever-morphing style since the mid 90s - but at its core - it's a husband-wife duo of Zoryan and Svitlana (or as she likes to write SweetLana) Bezkorovayni. Based in Ternopil - they deliver wacky, heaven with a sticky clouds kind of psychedelic rock.

Their 2011 album Fearless Sunrise is the best showcase of their songwriting skills. The highlight of an album is track 7 - Stellar Infantry (although it is more correct as Stellar Troops) - CCR Jefferson Airplane down-n-dirty affair with a killer hook which goes like this:

"God Almighty cannot not help ya - as Stellar Troops are getting down to business" 

Come on! That is irresistible ear-worm. One of the greatest chants ever. It gets in head and you get pumped. That's great songwriting.

The rest of the album is great. But it is too tempting to spoil it - have a listen with no further information.

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