вівторок, 6 червня 2017 р.

David Plowden Random Photo #1

Detail of rolling stand, 80 inch hot strip mill, steel mill

David Plowden is one of those photographers who can make you feel startled by the monumental glory of the stricly utilitarian things like barns, locomotives and even streets. He finds beauty in things devoid of it in orthodox terms. He tells you "Hey! Discover this!". 

By photographing things he's able to defamiliarize them to the point we can actually appreciate them on a completely different level. 

Take a look at this photo. You've probably have a very distant idea of what it is. But you are almost subconsciously impressed by its look, by the way the photo captures the dynamics of the mechanism. And that's all you really need. The rest comes up in your mind in some bizarre manner.

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