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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Mass Estinction Event - Angry Music for Jazz Orchestra

Seven rollercoasting minutes of intense sounds. Complete unmitigated chaos. Now that's what i call music! It rings "Yeah!". The best thing i've heard this month.

If you want to know why you haven't heard this magnificent piece of music yet, then here's a theory - nobody mentioned it anywhere. For sure - it was released on July 11th which is not long ago - but a simple google search shows approximately nothing. No outside mentions. As if no one cared to give it proper exposure. Disgusting! It is not fair.

How I happened to hear it? I heard it because I'm following Youtube-channel of the composer of the piece Adam Neely. And even then it happened almost by accident - i was doing my stuff and videos were playing on the background and then came turn of Academic Dubstep Sheet Music video and weird combination of sounds caught my attention - dubstep drops and brass orchestra. I took a look at the description and there was a link to a Bandcamp of the band Mass Extinction Event. And there it was - Angry Music for Jazz Orchestra. And it is magnificent.


Stylistically - it is a combination of dance music and proper jazz fusion blow-offs. It constantly ups the tensions and the moment you start to realize what is going on it turns about face and moves in an opposite directions. Here's my overly expressive impressionistic description of what is happening in this composition:

It starts with an avalanche swell that grows up to the point it reminds me a bubble.
Which then falls from the staircase and tumbles down like bouncy bag wooden teeth and metal plates. After that the sirens are going around - drawing zigzags.
And the whole thing goes down - deep down.
Then - but only for a moment it drops you a little of Kurt Weill sleazy cabaret vamp-stomp.
And then again - it goes forward "with a purposeful grimace and terrible sound"
- against very aggressive torrents of air - tearing itself up to the bones - falling apart,
disintegrating into ashes, mixing with dust - laying down into the gutter - playing dead mush.
It is cloudy and a bit foggy.
But then earth crumbles and hot lava spurts from the cracks
- so high it hits the clouds and it is quite Quixotic as the clouds seem to be uninvolved.
The lava drops are cooling down - eventually getting petrified as they fall.
And so it rains with stones.
The thumps come with the whisting sounds - it is overwhelming and causes disorientation combined with fainting.
There are dust clouds all around - nothing's visible.
Clock's ticking.
And everything starts to sink - getting sucked into the sinkhole.
The sound of the flow is terrifying.
After that - jazz band plays a bit to be danced by two invisible men. Brass is one, sax is two.
Their swishes hang around and stick in compele darkness.
And then it is over.


When music evokes something like this - it is right. That's why we're perceving works of art - to move beyond and make it new. Thanks Adam.

I feel great relief. Gonna take a nap right now. Want to imagine all this again and detect all the permutations. 

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