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Bil Sabab Power Hour: Dan Severn Entrance Theme

Dan Severn is the man who needs no introduction. World-renowned technical wrestler, multiple champion, one of the earliest UFC icons. He's the kind of guy whose work never stops to impress. Even when it is definitely not good - you can feel the man's intensity. I have a soft spot for his infamous second encounter with Ken Shamrock at UFC 9 which is known as Dance in Detroit. It is bad from the fight point of view - but as a piece of performance art - there is something enigmatic boiling. It is like unintentional Fluxus. Anyway...

Severn's run at WWF was one big missed opportunity. He was never properly booked, his character was on the wrong side, third bout with Shamrock never happened, etc. But one thing WWF got right - it was his entrance theme. It gives you clear understand of what kind of man is walking towards the ring.

It is menacing. And that is all you need to know.

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