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Rives - Typographical Fairy Tale

Here's one old TED video where the man who calls himself Rives tells rather uninspiring, astoundingly ordinary story (boy meets girls, it's complicated, etc. hush, nah nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah nah-nah) with a little help of these weird symbols known as emoticons.

When I first saw it - i was embarrassed. It was years before i started to write, but even then i thought it was a pitiful waste of form. I've stumbled upon it once again few days ago and was puzzled. It was not bad - just underwhelmingly nothing special.

But it is a good example of wasting potential of the medium. Emoticons weren't used properly in this story. They were just a supplement to the traditional narrative. They were there to illustrate it - not to expand or diversify. There was no intention to explore that narrative in the realm of emoticons and express it using its possibilities.

Here's a thing: emoticons are incredible form of communication. There are so many interpretations for every sign. With its help you can draw emotional kaleidoscopes, frantic rollercoaster rides - you don't need to bend it into something coherent, something embroiled with narrative - you just need to embrace its major advantage - typographic depiction of emotional states and other things (ponytail). It cannot be instantly understood - some emoticons are easier to decipher, other are tougher to break - but that what it makes them so powerful. It is always alien. And the feeling that comes with attempts to understand alienating form of message - is interesting. The whole experience is worth trying because of that - trying to figure out what exactly this thing means.


Here's my stab at emoticon-driven narrative:

O_O o‑o O_o o_O o_o O-O
8‑D :‑o :O :× :× :o >:P :O x‑D :O :D D; :‑o :‑J 
:b :‑p 8‑D :-* :‑O 8‑0 :‑b :-* DX XP :* X‑D 8‑D 
:* :‑O 8‑0 D= :D :-0 D: D:< x‑p D: XP XP >:O D:< >:O 
:O D: :‑p 8‑0 8‑0 :‑J :-* :O :‑O :‑o D:< :‑o X‑D D= 
:b 8‑0 D:< 8‑D :D :* XP :D XP 8‑D :-* :D :* XP D= 
:b :‑o D; :* :D :‑o :o 8‑D :-* D= X‑D X‑D D:< :o :-* 
:O :‑J D:< :-* :* D: :D 8‑0 :-* :‑o :* :O :O :-* x‑p 
:‑O :‑o :‑o XP D:< 8‑D XP :o 8‑0 :o >:O :‑o XP :-* 
:‑J :* :‑o :‑p D= D:< D: :D :‑b >:P XP :‑o :* :-* D: :× :O 
:O :b :O :D :D :-* 8‑0 8‑0 :D :‑o :‑O XP :× :‑o :* :-* :-* 8‑0 
XP :-* :‑p X‑D XP 8‑0 :* :-* :-0 >:O X‑D D:< :D XP :-* 
D= :D >:O >:O XP :o :‑o XP :‑O :D :D :‑o :b >:O 8‑D :‑o 
X‑D :‑J :‑o :× :‑o :‑p XP XP :‑O :* XP :-* :‑o :O XP :o 
:D :D :O :o :o :O :-* XP :* 8‑0 8‑D D= :-* :‑O :-* 
:‑O D= >:O :‑O :D :D :× 8‑0 8‑0 D= >:P :× :-* 8‑0 :* 
:‑p :‑o :‑J :O 8‑D D:< X‑D :D :‑o D:< :× :‑J :-* X‑D 
D= >:P :D D= :‑b 8‑0 D: :O D:< :D :O X‑D X‑D :* :-* 
XP :‑O XP D:< D:< :‑o D:< >:P :D :-* X‑D D: :‑O :-* 
D:< :O :D :‑o :b D= :* :O :-* D:< :-* XP :* D= >:O 
:‑o :* :O :D :‑o >:O >:O D:< 8‑0 8‑0 :-* :O XP XP 
:D :o 8‑D X‑D :* :‑o :D :D >:O :‑p :-* :* :b :‑p :‑O 
:b D: :* :‑o XP :-* :D XP D:< :-* 8‑0 :‑p D:< :*
O_O o‑o O_o o_O o_o O-O

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